by JuicyGrey

Breaking news!


It has been quite while since I blogged. Straight to point, I am suffering from serious slowdown in art and writing. This means after current chapter finishes, I take break, which means...

It is time for another character Q&A and possible guest comics! You can ask any question or questions from any of character from comic, either through comments or PM. Just don't except them always answer truthfully. Alternatively you can send me guest comic. Few things about them:
-Width 620 pixels, no less, no more. Height can be practically anything practical.
-Less than 512 kbytes (would liked go 256, but none of you probably can manage it).
-Should be more or less about The Metallic, naturally.
-Work Safe, more or less.
-If you want do multipages, 3, 5 and 7 are rather easy spread around the week.
-I like them PNGs, but can accept JPGs too, albeit not recommending.
-ZIP them and give link to file through PMs. I'll handle them, you'll get credits.

Break is scheduled to happen around september. More than month from this day. Lots of days. Returning back to business will be scheduled happen before end of this year...

edit: A date has been set now for a break. 18th september. If you have anything, please post them before that date...