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Status: Processing...

Just letting you know that I am right now working with new chapter. Hopefully I can finish and upload it before end of the month, thus ending this little break. Meantime questions and guest comics are more than welcome...
by JuicyGrey

Hear us, hear us!


In today's blog I am asking from you readers did you liked this comic? If so, I am giving out a wish. Spread the word about it outside Comic Fury! If you have account or access to any social media you have, use them at all your pleasure. Because we are in need of more readers...
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Chapter 2 is up!

Good eternity!

Almost forget to announce that chapter 2 is up! Free to read it now! If you are new reader however, click that First button to start from begin. Subscribe if you want...
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Some news. I have received a helper, The Letter M. For now you are going see him(?) mostly doing things like advertising this comic or commenting pages. How this budding cooperation will evolve, time will show...
by JuicyGrey

Nothing new on the Eastern Front


Something to blog. Nothing radical hasn't yet happened. I am slowly working with comic and ever slowerly working with a site. Hopefully I can finish chapter before buffer runs out. So truly, I have nothing to say. Anyway, if you are new reader, click button which reads "First", otherwise check button "Latest"...